Click on the menu links above to get details on your SummitPAK (small parcel service) Shipments and more. For other shipments, please visit: Track your Shipment.

How to use Client Login


* Please Note: Shipments refer to SummitPAK (Summit’s Small Parcel Service) shipments. For other shipments, please use: Track your Shipment

If you wish to view a list of shipments that cleared in a particular year, click the year under
in the menu above. The program will list all shipments released in that year. If you wish to view additional details on a particular shipment you can click the file number and the program will display information specific to that file. You can return to the shipment list by clicking the year again or by using the back button on your browser.


If you wish to obtain an estimate for the charges associated with importing a shipment, click Estimates in the menu above. You will be able to enter some basic information about the shipment to obtain some of the charges that would apply.

Download Data

To download shipment and other information related to your shipments click, Download in the menu above. Here is an explanation of the fields on the screen:

Year - This is the year the shipments were released in.
Months - Enter a starting and ending month -- also based on the release date for the shipments.
Report - Choose a report from the drop-down list. (You can see more details on the reports at the bottom of that screen.)
Output Type

XML - If you choose this option you can either display the information on the screen by clicking 'Open' when you request the download or choose 'Save' to save the data to a file on your computer. You can then open this file with Excel or a similar program to display the data.

CSV - If you choose this type the data will be opened in the program that you have selected for CSV type files.

Web Table - This option will result in the data being dislayed in your current browser as a table.